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Ms Susana Vidal

Social Sciences Programme Specialist, UNESCO Regional Office, Montevideo


Susana María Vidal  … (more)

Susana María Vidal 


Susana Vidal is Program Specialist for Latin America and the Caribbean in Bioethics and Ethics of Science at UNESCO, UNESCO Regional Office, Montevideo, Uruguay. She is trained as a physician, and is Specialist in internal medicine. In addition she is Specialist in Fundamental Bioethics and holds an MA in Bioethics (University of Chile). She is Academic Coordinator of the Lifelong Learning Program in Bioethics of the Latin American network on Bioethics (Redbioética UNESCO), and Executive Coordinator of the Regional bioethics network board. Vidal serves as adviser of several National Bioethics Committees in Latin America and the Caribbean. She has been Coordinator of the Bioethics Department of the Ministry of Health and of the Network of Ethics Committee of Córdoba - Argentine (1996-2008). She has been the Coordinator of the Research ethics Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Health (2001 - 2003), and its member in the next period (2005-2007). She was member of the Bioethics Committee of the High Court of Justice, and also a member of the Board of the Council of Ethics and Human Rights in Biomedical Research, Secretary of Human Rights (Ministry of Justice of Argentina). She is member of the editorial board of several international journals in the field of bioethics an ethics of science. She has published extensively in bioethics and conducted and directed research projects in bioethics.