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Prof. Zsolt Regály

Senior Researcher, MTA CSFK Konkoly Observatory


Digitalised stereoscopic photos by Roland Eötvös … (more)

Digitalised stereoscopic photos by Roland Eötvös

Regály Zs.


The 3-dimensional perception called stereopsis is created by the brain processing visual information deriving from binocular vision. Because human's eyes have distinct lateral positions, images projected to the retinas are slightly different. This horizontal disparity of the two images is processed by the visual cortex of the brain as 3-dimensional perception. Stereoscopy is the reproduction of images with a perception of depth that is physically absent by image pairs called stereograms. Roland Eötvös created stereograms of the Hungarian countryside and Alps in the 19th century. The original stereoscopic photos, propriety of the MBFSZ (Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary) Eötvös Loránd Memorial Collection, were digitally converted within a project of the Eötvös 100 Commemorative Year, funded by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary. Stereograms can be accessed at eotvos100.hu (https://eotvos100.hu/en/page/medias) in three different 3D digital formats (ANAGLYPH, SIDE BY SIDE, TOP & BOTTOM).