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Ms. Bafedile Kgwadi

Project Coordinator, South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA)


Bafedile was born and bred in one of the villages of South Africa. She started with her primary… (more)

Bafedile was born and bred in one of the villages of South Africa. She started with her primary schooling and continued through high school, still locally, where she grew up to realize, through discussions with teachers and other people, how important science is to humanity. With limited knowledge, as a young girl, she was interested in following any degree, as long as there was science in it. Due to the influence of a sister who was by the time studying an Analytical chemistry degree, and the use of her books, her understanding in chemistry developed. Career choices changed as time went by. Because the country needed science teachers during those years and were provisionally provided with jobs in their final year of study, she ultimately opted for that line of study to secure a job – to become a science teacher. She is a teacher by profession, a field that further groomed her passion in science, allowed her a position as a Laboratory Manager at Medunsa, working with various schools and teacher development in science. That job further assisted her in getting a Project Coordinator position at the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement, a business unit of the National Research Foundation (NRF-SAASTA). With her passion in science, she contributed in the engagement of both learners and public in various science activities like astronomy presentations, chemistry science shows as well as facilitation on various science concepts. With these activities, she got opportunities to travel both locally and internationally, presenting and sharing her expertise at science festivals, career expo’s and conferences. At international platforms such as the World Congress and other events in the African countries. She is currently involved with the National Science Week that provides her a platform to share and engage with various stakeholders on best practices in public engagement in science awareness activities.