Programme / Thematic Sessions II. d. Gender Equality in STI: An Ethical Issue

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Day 2

Thursday / 21 NOV

17:00 - 18:30

Thematic session:
Thematic Sessions II. d. Gender Equality in STI: An Ethical Issue
Organised by:  UNESCO, GenderInSITE, OWSD
Venue: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Large Lecture Hall

The promotion of women in Science, Technology and Innovation has been in focus for years, although we are still far away from equality. A gender gap can be observed at all levels of education, from undergraduate students to postdoctoral researchers at the beginning of their career, and in science management/leadership as well. Developing countries are now also undertaking efforts to improve opportunities, to lower gender inequality, and to decrease other, non-gender-related discrimination issues. Examples include the major fellowship programmes in South Africa, one of which is the South African Women in Science Award.


Public funding agencies play a fundamental role in the development of gender equality, and they could have a catalytic function as well. Many of the national funding agencies are now actively promoting the support of female scientists. They could provide a framework and define directions and focuses, not only at national levels, but in jointly promoting improvements at the global level with long-term development outcomes. One of the key points could be to provide visibility for women working in science, because the lack of a supporting environment is a major cause of losing women scientists on their career path. Family-friendly policies, the opportunity to hold temporary positions, and, in general, consideration of unconventional career pathways instead of the regular development are challenging commitments for funding agencies.


Rapporteur: Gitta Schlosser, Research Assistant, ELTE Eötvös Loránd University, Institute of Chemistry