Programme / Evolution of Science Communication: Let’s Learn from African Experience

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Day 1

Wednesday / 20 NOV

9:00 - 10:30

Special session:
Evolution of Science Communication: Let’s Learn from African Experience
Organised by:  Kenyatta University
Venue: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Small Lecture Hall

Science plays a pivotal role in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and affects human life aspect at all levels. Scientists have an ethical obligation to produce factual, intelligible and timely information to empower the populations to make decisions about important social, economic and political issues, especially those related to SDGs. Together with science education, science communication also aims to share with the general public, especially younger ones; the pleasure of discovering how the world works. At every level science must be part of the culture, as well as arts, sports and traditions. In many African countries, the appreciation of science as a tool for development has increased and this is reflected in the current national and regional strategic plans. The science communication space has begun to develop only recently. A space that has experienced changes with the rising new technologies, the ongoing transformation of our communication infrastructures, and changing dynamics of the public’s attitudes. The Internet of Things generation is a two-sided coin that has brought in opportunities and challenges. Opportunities such as a wider dissemination of science thanks to improved communications, and proliferation of sources of information. With the world becoming a global village, we face challenges such as rise in pseudoscience. This session will highlight some examples of new initiatives that improve science communication in Kenya and other African regions. Panelist will discuss about the synergies that should be set up and the roles of the different stakeholders such as the governmental authorities, academia and entertainment industry. In order to advance science communication to promote inclusive public engagement and drive innovation through science. Participants of this session will be invited to give their input and share their own experiences from different parts of the world on these matters. They will also be invited to participate in a short exciting science communication action, that they will afterwards be able to propose to their own communities.