Programme / Career Paths in Science Diplomacy

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Day 1

Wednesday / 20 NOV

14:30 - 16:00

Special session:
Career Paths in Science Diplomacy
Venue: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vörösmarty Hall

Nobel Prize winning Egyptian American CALTECH Scientist once said “The soft power of science has the potential to reshape global diplomacy".  In his article on Science in Diplomacy published in Cell (vol. 141, issue 2), he also pointed out how science maintained a stable impact on human lives when world was going through economic, political and religious turbulence.

Science and technology played a vital role in the development of today's world throughout the human history. However, till last century, science was not in the center of policymaking or diplomacy. In today‘s world, Science diplomacy tackling the trans-boundary environmental issues, global health challenges and building bridges between countries who doesn't have diplomatic relations.



The aim of this session is to present the current opportunities for a scientist to become a science diplomat. Successful Science Diplomat‘s career path would be analyzed to give the audience an overview of the barriers and how to overcome them. This session will provide necessary tools for early career scientists to analyze their career paths.