Programme / Responsible Education: A ‘Call for Action’

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Day 0

Tuesday / 19 NOV

13:30 - 18:00

Special session:
Responsible Education: A ‘Call for Action’
Venue: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Reading Room

When it comes to preparations that concern the future of education, it has become abundantly clear that more needs to be done to galvanise educators, policy-makers, students and socio-civic groups into action. The Digital Age is already upon us and we require a lot more tangible action to appropriately position ourselves for the future. We all have a role to play when it comes to ensuring responsible education. This much is true. It is also important that our learning environments always remain supportive, personalised and fit-for-purpose, in order to maintain their overall relevance and value. This session will entail a series of insightful talks and presentations, an engaging workshop and a networking session at the end.