Day 1 / Opening Ceremony / 20 November 17.30-21.00


Concert Part I.



Opening Addresses



UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science


UNESCO Sultan Qaboos Prize for Environmental Conservation 


Science, Ethics and Responsibility - Keynote address


Concert Part II.



Day 2 / 21 November 9.00-18.30

Keynote lecture I. - Are There Ethical Limits to What Science Can Achieve or Should Pursue?


Plenary Session I. - Are There Ethical Limits to What Science Can Achieve or Should Pursue?


Thematic Session I. a. - Science for Peace: Successes and Future Responsibilities


Thematic Session I. b. - How Science Reinforces Democracy through a More Realistic Picture of Human Nature


Thematic Session I. c. - What Humans Will Be after Genome Editing of Human Embryonic Stem Cells?


Thematic Session I. d. - The urgent responsibility of science to support SDGs


Thematic Session I. e. - Centenary of Organized International Science Cooperation and Science Diplomacy



Keynote lecture II. - The Ethics of Science Funding


Plenary session II. - The Ethics of Science Funding


Thematic Session II. a. - Open Science - The Future of Science and Science for the Future


Thematic Session II. b. - Responsible Research and Innovation and Research Integrity: Across the Globe and Across Society


Thematic Session II. c. - Ethics of Artificial Intelligence - Global Considerations and Potential for Africa


Thematic Session II. d. - Gender Equality in STI: An Ethical Issue


Thematic Session II. e. - Sustainable Agriculture


Day 3 / 22 November 9.00-18.30

Keynote lecture III. - The Ethical Conduct of Science


Plenary session III. - The Ethical Conduct of Science


Thematic session III. a. - Science engagement: redefining the uneasy relations with politics and policy? Some transatlantic dimensions


Thematic session III. b. - Basic Sciences Infrastructures for Ethical and Responsible Collaborative Development


Thematic session III. c. - The Widespread Manifestations and Important Consequences of Gender Bias in Science


Thematic session III. d. - Climate Justice for Managing Climate Change Risks on Health


Thematic session III. e. - Hunting for Alien Worlds: Recent Advances in Exoplanet Research



Keynote lecture IV. - Ethics is Science Communication


Plenary session IV. - Ethics in Science Communication


Thematic session IV. a. - When politics and science collide, should science journalists pick a side?


Thematic session IV. b. - Beyond SDGs - Science for Well-Being


Thematic session IV. c. - Human Right to Science


Thematic session IV. d. - The Ethics of Regenerative Medicine


Thematic session IV. e. - Science Diplomacy for Global Challenges: International Frames, Norms and Ethical Principles



UnEarthing - The responsibility of science in creating a coherent vision for a sustainable world



Day 4 / 23 November 9.00-15.00

Parliamentary Session - Opening Addresses


Keynote lecture - 20 Years of Science Diplomacy


Plenary session V. - Parliamentary Plenary Session


Endorsement of the Declaration



Future Scenes mapping by Centrum Production and Let it Be! art agency



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